Valentine’s Day Sales

It’s that time of year:  Valentine’s Day.  Love is in the air!  Chocolate is abundant.  And if you’re not in the spirit, the El Paso Zoo will name a cockroach after your ex then feed it to a meerkat.  There’s something for everyone!

Also for Valentine’s Day:  DNA test sales!  AncestryDNA, MyHeritage, and Family Tree DNA autosomal tests are all US$59 each until February 14th.  No word yet from 23andMe.

These are really good prices.  With the exception of occasional bulk discounts, it’s the lowest AncestryDNA has been in more than a year.

Not sure which test is right for you?  This review of the pros and cons of each genealogy testing service may help.  And you can always check current prices, and other up-to-date info about the companies, here.

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