A number of reputable companies offer DNA tests for genealogical purposes. As a service to the genetic genealogy community, I maintain a list of current prices and some comparative information about the companies here.

Autosomal DNA Test Prices (as of August 2022)

Companies are listed in order of database size.  Prices do not include shipping or taxes unless noted otherwise.

Company1,2 Price3 Database Size4 Processing Time5
AncestryDNA (USA)
Ancestry Canada
Ancestry UK & Ireland
Ancestry Australia
Use the region-specific links.

Traits add-on $20 US
Use the region-specific links.

 nearly 20 million 50 days
23andMe Sale ends 29 November

  • Ancestry + Traits US$99
  • Health + Ancestry US$199
  • 20% off each additional kit
> 12 million 30 days
MyHeritage US$49 > 4.5 million n/a
Family Tree DNA not recommended ≈ 1.4 million n/a
Living DNA Sale ends soon
Ancestry kit US$79
Ancestry + Wellbeing US$149
≈ 300,000 n/a

1For advice on where to test, please read this post. While written for adoptees, the advice applies to most genealogy situations. This post considers the pros and cons of each company.
2Raw DNA data can often be transferred from one company to another for free.  Click here for an overview of which tests can be transferred into which other databases.  Click here for instructions on how to transfer from AncestryDNA to other databases.
3Prices are for the U.S. market, unless noted, and do not include shipping. For pricing in other countries, click the relevant link: Australia, New Zealand.
4Click here for additional information on database sizes.
5Average time from mailing the test to the lab to receiving results; times based on user-submitted data over the past 3 months. You can contribute your own processing times by clicking here.

AncestryDNA, 23andMe, MyHeritage, Living DNA, and Family Tree DNA all offer both ethnicity estimates and a list of relatives who share DNA with you. Other labs may do similar DNA tests but do not currently match you to relatives.


Autosomal Testing Growth

Feel free to use the following graph in presentations to genealogy societies and DNA interest groups. The chart only includes databases that offer relative matching and for which information is available.


DNA Test Processing Times

Below is graph of processing times for autosomal DNA tests completed July 2017–December 2020 (3-month rolling averages). Times are in days from when the test was dropped in the mail to when the results were returned.

You can contribute your own processing times by clicking here.