Education: Working With WATO (What Are the Odds?)

“What Are the Odds?” (WATO) is a revolutionary tool at that helps you figure out where someone with an unknown parent fits into the family tree of their DNA matches.  You can compare different possibilities to see which are most likely.  The results allow you to better focus your research efforts and testing dollars.  Better yet, it works using only shared cM amounts, so there is no need for a chromosome browser, and you can use matches from any testing company. 

This upcoming talk, “Working with WATO” will provide a general overview of the tool, how to use it, and how to interpret the results.  Time permitting, we may also get into some advanced tricks.

You will have opportunities to ask questions during and after the talk.  Classes will be limited to 35 people, with frequent breaks for questions and answers.  The same class is offered live via Zoom at two different times (10 AM & 5 PM Pacific) to accommodate schedules.  Recordings will be available for 2 weeks afterwards to those who have registered.  Captioning available, and a handout is included.

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For background reading on WATO, you might enjoy the seven-part “Science the Heck Out of Your DNA” series.  It traces how The DNA Geek’s brainchild was coupled with the statistical skills of Durham University’s Andrew Millard and the programming genius of Jonny Perl to create the powerful tool we have today.

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