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This blog started in 2016 on a whim.  Genetic genealogists seemed eager to learn about the science and math behind our DNA tests, and I love to teach.  That perfect alignment of interests has motivated me ever since.  Over the years, the blog has expanded to cover not just science and math but also case studies, changes in the DNA industry, ethics, and new methods for genetic genealogy.  I always strive to make complex concepts easy to understand.

I have also broadened my teaching outreach to local, national, and international conferences and genealogy societies; institutes like the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG), Applied Genealogy Institute, and Family History Academy; and my own online educational series.  There is always an inquisitive audience eager to learn more, no matter their educational background or how long it’s been since they left traditional school.

This past week, I was surprised and honored to receive the 2024 Silver Tray Award from the Utah Genealogical Association for this blog.  From their website:

The Silver Tray Award is given for scholarly contributions to the field of genealogy and family history.  Since 1988, it has traditionally been given for publication efforts.  The award is presented at the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy banquet held January of each year.

Receiving this award before an audience that had just completed an intensive week honing their crafts in SLIG was especially meaningful.  I am deeply appreciative to be part of a community that is perennially eager to learn, whether it’s through institutes like SLIG or genealogy society publications or blogs like mine.

So thank you to the Utah Genealogical Association.  Thank you to SLIG.  And most of all, thank you to the entire genetic genealogy community for always wanting to learn more.  I love y’all.

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18 thoughts on “Thank You!”

  1. Well deserved! You are my favorite genetic educator and a trusted source. I look forward to future articles and learning opportunities.

  2. Leah, I clapped when I heard this! You have worked hard and are a mighty force in the genealogy world. I’m so happy that you have been recognized.

    Good job!

  3. Congratulations Leah, great to see this recognition of your efforts. Your insights and contributions are always very valuable in this field.

  4. Thank You. I am certain all of your followers appreciate everything you do. You are indeed one of the best. I know you have certainly helped me.

  5. So well deserved!! Congratulations, and thank you for your outstanding work, your excellent workshops/webinars, and your continued approachability : )

  6. I’m not that regular on this blog, but it is a long trusted source for DTC genetics and connected development. I also have seen BanyanDNA and it seems like another very solid contribution to the field. So congrats also from me.

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