Conference Keeper: Your Go-To for Genealogy Education

Psst!  You!  Have you heard about Conference Keeper?

It’s a one-stop listing of genealogy conferences, institutes, talks, podcasts, calls for papers, awards, cruises, jobs, and you name it!   If it’s a genealogy-related event, there’s probably a listing.  CK, as it’s known for short, also has a Facebook page and Twitter feed to keep you up-to-date on genealogy events.

And because it’s supported by advertising and donations, it’s completely free!  Genealogy societies and other organizations can submit their events to be listed at no charge, and everyone can peruse the offerings whenever they like.

Best of all for us DNA geeks, CK recently implemented a DNA filter, so you can jump straight to a list of DNA-related opportunities.  You can find it in the “Other Events and Opportunities” pulldown menu or go straight to

In fact, it’s such a great resource that I post a weekly list of upcoming DNA talks in The DNA Roundtable and use CK’s DNA listings as a launching point.

Of course it’s not limited to DNA talks.  CK has got it all, so check it out!

4 thoughts on “Conference Keeper: Your Go-To for Genealogy Education”

  1. I need help, I did a paternal grandmother dna test with my grand daughter it came back 95.51 percent she was my grand daughter, the possible father’s are my son and my nephew, my sister’s son, the DNA company said the result was to high to be my nephew’s daughter, well as my grand daughter got older she looks just like my nephew. What is the percentage of a paternal grandmother and grand daughter result? Thank you!!

    1. It sounds like you did an STR test rather than a genealogy test. That type of test can only give you a probability (95.5% in your case) rather than a more definitive answer, because it only looks at a few dozen bits of DNA. Genealogy tests look at about 600,000 bits of DNA. If your son is not willing or able to test, I suggest you test both yourself and your granddaughter at AncestryDNA:

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