Autosomal DNA Processing Times Through September 2018

Wonder how long your DNA test will take once you mail it off?  Here’s the latest from the DNA Processing Times survey.  The graph below shows the average number of days from when the test kit was dropped in the mail to when the results came in.  Each point is a 3-month rolling average for that testing company.

Family Tree DNA, AncestryDNA, and MyHeritage are returning results in about 3 weeks.  Living DNA continues to improve their efficiency since a burst in sales at last year’s RootsTech; they are averaging 41 days now.  And 23andMe has been delayed (to an average of 55 days) by an upgrade to their computer systems.

Kits mailed from within the USA average 5.8 days from mailing to being logged at the lab, kits from European countries average 14.4 days, and kits mailed from outside the US and Europe average 12.1 days.

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