Win a Free Customized T-Shirt for DNA Day!

In honor of National DNA Day, The DNA Geek has partnered with to give away three personalized DNA Double Helix T-shirts.

Your very own DNA ancestral composition will be custom printed on a colorful tee with a double helix design! We’ll give away one Double Helix Tee per day through Friday.


To get in on it, visit and sign up for their newsletter. A DNA Geek winner will be drawn at random by 7 pm PST and promptly announced here. Happy DNA Day from the Geek and!

How it works: When you place an order, you’re asked to submit the DNA regions and percentages from your ethnicity report. Any of the testing companies will do! Then a graphic artist custom designs the design for you.



The first winner is Jacqueline Bennett (name used with permission).  Congratulations Jacqueline!

The second shirt has been awarded to a Doug and Valerie Maples!

There’s still one last chances to win!

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