MyHeritage In Color!

UPDATE:  In response to the coronavirus pandemic, MyHeritage is granting unlimited, free access to MyHeritage in Color™ for 30 days starting 23 March 2020.

MyHeritage has just released an exciting new feature called MyHeritage in Color™.  They can now automatically colorize your black-and-white photos!

It’s quick, easy, and—best of all—you can try it for free!

To get started, just go the MyHeritage in Color page and log in to your MyHeritage account.  If you don’t have an account yet, no worries; you’ll be guided to set up a free one.

Here’s an example.  This photo shows four generations of my family:  my maternal great grandmother, uncle, grandmother, and great-great grandfather.  MyHeritage includes a nifty slider so you can see portions of the photograph before and after colorizing.

LaPerle Elmer LaCoste, my uncle, Lucille LaCoste Hebert, and Walter Elmer

Here’s William Woessner, my paternal great-great grandfather.  My father is his modern-day doppelganger!

William Frederick (Wilhelm Friedrich) Woessner (1866–1945)

Best of all, the black-and-white images themselves are not altered.  Instead, MyHeritage creates a color copy in a separate file, so you original file is intact.

You can colorize several images with a free account at MyHeritage.  Members with Complete subscriptions can do an unlimited number.

You can read more about MyHeritage in Color and see more examples here.

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