Fighting Covid, DNA Style!

A delightful and practical surprise arrived in the mail this week from my genea-friend, Deborah Sweeney:  a hand-made DNA-patterned mask!


It’s made of two layers of quilting cotton, which has a higher thread count than regular cotton so filters better.  The cotton straps have a cord-lock for easy adjustment, and you can fit the mask to your face with the side gathers.

Deborah is making masks as a fundraiser for the school where she teaches.  I’m not sure the DNA masks are part of that set, but you can inquire here.

I have no financial affiliation with Deborah’s company. I just think her masks are adorable, and who doesn’t appreciate DNA bling?!


9 thoughts on “Fighting Covid, DNA Style!”

  1. Can you remind me where the adjustment instructions are online? I must have lost my instructions and when I washed mine, I could not remember how to adjust the different strap configurations. Thanks!

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