DNA Day 2018!

DNA Day Sales are on across the board!  All of the main genetic genealogy companies are offering steep discounts on their autosomal DNA tests:

  • AncestryDNA — $59 (normally $99; ends 29 April)
  • 23andMe — $69 for Ancestry only (normally $99), $139 for Ancestry + Health (normally $199; ends 25 April)
  • MyHeritage — $69 (normally $99; ends 25 April)
  • Family Tree DNA — $49 for Family Finder test (normally $79; ends 28 April)
  • Living DNA — $79 (limited time; normally $159)

Tests are listed in the order of database size. If you can only afford one, do AncestryDNA. If you can only afford two, do AncestryDNA and 23andMe.  You can transfer the raw data from AncestryDNA into some of the other databases for free for for a small fee.


Family Tree DNA also has discounts on their Y-DNA and mitochondrial DNA tests:

  • Y-37 marker test (males only): $139 (normally $169)
  • Y-67 marker test (males only): $209 (normally $268)
  • Y-111 marker test (males only): $289 (normally $359)
  • Big Y-500 test (males only): $649 (normally $799)
  • mtDNA Plus (mitochondrial DNA) test: $89
  • mtFull Sequence (mitochondrial DNA) test: $149 (normally $199)

2 thoughts on “DNA Day 2018!”

    1. No, the AncestryDNA test doesn’t test STRs, just SNPs. But, you can get a (rough) estimate of the haplogroup from the raw data. If you’re interested in yDNA matching, I’d go for the Y-37 test while it’s on sale.

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