Let’s Track the Autosomal Database Sizes

AncestryDNA and 23andMe periodically announce the sizes of their autosomal databases.  AncestryDNA reached 3 million in January, and 23andMe just announced that they had more than 2 million individuals tested. Family Tree DNA and MyHeritage have yet to release their numbers publicly.  By crowdsourcing information from people who have tested at more than one company, we can hopefully get realistic gauges of the relative sizes of the databases and, for 23andMe, how many are participating in relative matching.

If you have tested at more than one company and would like to contribute, please fill in the survey. At the moment, I am not collecting data from people who have only tested at one site.

Thank you in advance for your contributions!

The survey is here.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Track the Autosomal Database Sizes”

  1. I’m sure we want FTDNA company to succeed. Many more testers will be all the more helpful for us. By publicizing an estimate of FTDNA users, if these numbers look low in the eyes of potential testers then there might be a tendency for these persons to go elsewhere!

    1. I think potential testers should have as much information at their disposal as possible when they make decisions about where and how to spend their money.

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