23andMe Breaks Two Million!

In a televised interview on 7 April 2017, the CEO of 23andMe, Anne Wojcicki, discussed the company’s new FDA-approved disease-risk reports and let drop (at about 6:15) that their database now includes more than two million people.

Because of 23andMe’s two-pronged business model (part consumer medical genetics, part genealogy), not all of those individuals will be participating in DNA Relatives, the family matching tool there. Even so, this milestone is great news for genetic genealogy!

I have updated the autosomal testing growth graph, adding this new value to those taken from the edit history of the ISOGG company comparison chart. It shows changes in the sizes of the autosomal DNA databases at AncestryDNA, 23andMe, Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), and the Genographic Project. Feel free to use it in presentations to the genetic genealogy community.

Note: the graph has been updated to include new data for FTDNA since this post originally appeared.


3 thoughts on “23andMe Breaks Two Million!”

  1. Thanks for the update. And thanks for your permission to use it in presentations.
    I’m about to give my first DNA lecture in June and will gladly pass this good news along.
    The exponential growth of DNA testing is exciting for us all!

    1. Looked at the ISOGG company comparison chart. Noticed MyHeritage is not listed. Will they be added since they were a part of your questionnaire? By the way, added 5 sets of results to your poll.

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