Summer Sales!

Family Tree DNA has just announced their summer sale!  Prices are discounted for select tests through the end of August.  If you’ve been contemplating a yDNA, mtDNA, or autosomal test with them, now’s a good time to buy.

What’s on Sale

  • Family Finder autosomal test for all lines of your family: $59 ($20 off)
  • Y-37, the recommended starting point for male-line testing: $129 ($40 off)
  • Big Y-500, the “Big Daddy” of male-line testing: $499 ($150 off)
  • mtFull, the recommended test for female-line testing: $149 ($50 off)

Bundles are also on sale. My recommendations are:

  • Family Finder + Y-37: $178 ($70 off)
  • Famly Finder + Y-37 + mtFull: $327 ($120 off)
  • Family Finder + mtFull: $198 ($80 off)

Not Sure What to Buy?

Think about your genealogy goals.  The Family Finder autosomal test can help you connect with cousins on both sides (maternal and paternal) of your tree, but it become less and less reliable beyond about 3rd cousins.  The Y-DNA tests (Y-37 and Big Y-500) can trace back further in time than autosomal DNA testing, but only on the direct male line (son to father to grandfather, etc.).  Also, only men can do Y-DNA testing.  The mtDNA test traces mitochondrial DNA, which is inherited from our mothers.  Thus, it traces the direct maternal line (child to mother to grandmother).  Anyone can do mtDNA testing, but it’s only useful for genealogy in specific circumstances.

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