St Patrick’s Day Sales—2019

You don’t have to be Irish to take advantage of the St Patrick’s Day sales!

Expect more sale announcements, so check back here or on the price summary page. Prices do not include postage, except where noted.

If you can only buy one test for genealogy, buy this one.  AncestryDNA has the largest database (larger than the others combined), and they have excellent tools for integrating DNA test results with family trees.  Raw data from AncestryDNA can be uploaded to some of their competitors for free.


This is a great “second test”.  23andMe has the second largest database as well as a chromosome browser for those interested in using segment information, however they offer no tools to integrate family trees with DNA test results.  They do not accept transfer files, so the only way into their database is by testing directly with them.


MyHeritage has the third-largest database, a chromosome browser, and some helpful tools for integrating DNA test results with family trees.  They accept uploads from their competitors, but some features require a fee.

  • Kits are currently US$59.


Family Tree DNA has a smaller database than its competitors.  They offer a chromosome browser and limited tools for integrating trees with DNA results.  Their customers are exposed to searches by US law enforcement.

  • Family Finder kits are only US$59 for St Patrick’s Day.


5 thoughts on “St Patrick’s Day Sales—2019”

  1. The offer seems to be limited to those with Irish Connections. I tried to enlist for the offer, but when entered my UK address the offer reverted to $99

    1. Today, Ancestry announced sale prices for Canada, and I expect more regions to go on sale soon. The UK and Ireland are the same marketing zone for them, so if Ireland gets a sale, the UK should, too. Keep checking back for new announcements.

  2. I looked at your chart for transferring DNA results. What does the « yes, but » mean on the FTDna to ancestry ?

    1. The footnotes below the table explain what the special conditions are. If you transfer a recent test from AncestryDNA to FTDNA, you will not be matched to distant cousins. FTDNA only allows those transfers to see matches who are in the category 3rd–5th Cousins or closer.

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