St Patrick’s Day Sale 2021

Celebrate the Irish (even if you’re not)!

AncestryDNA kits are on sale for US$59 (plus shipping) until midnight EST Wednesday, March 17.  This is a great price!

Remember, AncestryDNA has the largest genealogy DNA database—by far—so if you’re looking to get started, or want to expand your research by testing more family members, now’s a good time.  And once you have your AncestryDNA results, you can copy the data file into several other databases for free.

2 thoughts on “St Patrick’s Day Sale 2021”

  1. As an Ancestry user since 1995, I have purchased many DNA kits. Yes this is a great price ! But I am no longer buying them since Ancestry has forced the last 3 I bought to have separate trees and separate email address for each, then I am no longer going to buy DNA Kits from them. I have one last DNA kit to use so I am forced to set up another account, under a different email address and fake tree, then place on the fake tree, my id where I have all my research already for each of all the branches of my tree. This is a very large hassle for all of us genealogists. This is a large headache to then have to go back in and change the managers name and email as well.

    1. You don’t have to created separate trees. Ethically, each adult tester should create their own account so they have full control over their own DNA data. Then, they can invite you to the role they’re comfortable with. As a collaborator or manager, you can link them to your existing tree in your account. If you’re the manager, you can download the raw data and all messages to that kit come to you. It only takes a minute to set up, and it’s a lot easier than trying to deal with multiple trees. These instructions are easy to follow:

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