6 thoughts on “MyHeritage Flash Sale!”

      1. Oh, yes. Brazil… No problem. I don’t mind now but I think it would be good to have a note informing that this offer may not be available in other countries. Thank you.

        1. I edited the post to specify that’s it’s in US dollars. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way for me to see which countries have sales and which don’t. If you come across a blogger who tracks test prices in Brazil, I’d be happy to link to them from my website.

  1. Actually it’s a 4 day flash sale. It started July 15, and ends July 18. I posted about it when I saw it on their website on the 15th. I learned a long time ago to check all of the major DNA company sites several times a day as they sometimes sneak in sales without a lot of fanfare initially. Figure they were pre-empting the now confirmed Ancestry Amazon Prime Sale that starts in about 15 minutes.

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