It’s Time for Jamboree!

The Southern California Genealogy Society’s annual Jamboree begins tomorrow, June 4!  Jamboree is perhaps my favorite conference for its intimate size, breadth of talks, convenient location, and cozy outdoor bar & restaurant.

And while I will miss the fabulous friends and great late-night conversations I normally experience at Jamboree, this year’s virtual version will not disappoint.  It takes place over two weekends, June 4-5 for the genetic genealogy talks and June 11-12 for the traditional genealogy talks.  Each weekend begins with a social hour (4 pm Pacific) and keynote speaker (5 pm) on Friday evening, followed by a full day of “live” lectures (8 am–3:30 pm) on Saturday.  There are also 20 pre-recorded genetic genealogy lectures and 50 traditional genealogy ones.

I put “live” in quotes because technically all of the talks were pre-recorded, so we don’t have to worry about connectivity issues.  Each of those talks will be followed by an actual live question-and-answer session with the speaker immediately following the scheduled broadcast.  You can watch all of the talks after their conference weekend through early October.

Best of all, you can still register!

Yours truly will be offering two talks. Working with WATO (What Are the Odds?) describes the tool at that revolutionized how we solve genealogy mysteries using autosomal DNA.  From Madness to Method: A Step by Step Guide to DNA offers one approach for organizing and analyzing your DNA results to best effect.

Those two talks are but a fraction of what’s available at this year’s Jamboree.  Check out the schedule here.

I hope to see you all at the virtual social tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “It’s Time for Jamboree!”

  1. Hi Leah, in the Q&A response you left during Maurice’s talk this morning you mentioned an offer for people to join your mentoring group (in response to a question on documenting cases). I am interested. Thanks. ps—we met at one of the previous Jamborees.

    1. Hi Ken, good to “see” you again. I’ve emailed you the info about the mentoring group.

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