Holiday Sales Begin!

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It’s beginning to look a lot like … Holiday Sales!  The testing companies have just announced sales on DNA tests, health reports, and gift subscriptions for the holiday season.  Sale prices are listed for AncestryDNA, 23andMe, MyHeritage, and Living DNA. (Hint:  You can give yourself a subscription!)

USA (ends 27 November)

Canada (ends 27 November)

United Kingdom (ends 24 November)

  • AncestryDNA £59 (25% off)

Australia (ends 25 November)


USA (ends 2 December)

  • Ancestry + Traits US$79 ($20 off), £63
  • Ancestry + Health US$99 (50% off!)
  • VIP Health + Ancestry US$399 ($100 off; includes two kits)

United Kingdom (ends 2 December)

  • Ancestry + Traits £63
  • Ancestry + Health £74

  • Ancestry $59
  • Health + Ancestry $199

Free shipping on 3 or more kits

  • Starter kit $49
  • Ancestry kit $79
  • Wellbeing kit $99
  • Ancestry + Wellbeing $149


Updates to This Post

  • Prices updated 8 November 2019.

8 thoughts on “Holiday Sales Begin!”

  1. I just had 12 cMs match with a 20-year-old young man. His GREAT grandmother is still living; and I am trying to talk him into getting her tested.

    1. If you don’t see it on the Canadian website, you may need to contact their customer support. I’m in the US, so I don’t see the same offers.

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