Free Uploads to MyHeritage—This Week Only

Okay, so technically uploads to MyHeritage are always free.  That is, if you’ve done a DNA test at Ancestry, Family Tree DNA (their Family Finder test), or 23andMe, you can download your so-called “raw data file” and upload it to the MyHeritage site.  For free!


The upload allows you to see and contact your DNA matches among the 3.5 million users of their database.  However, there’s normally a $29 fee for additional features, like your ethnicity estimates, the ability to see matches’ trees, and other nifty tools like AutoClusters, the Theory of Family Relativity, and the chromosome browser.  Almost everyone will benefit from the purchase.

That’s why this week’s opportunity is such a good one.  You can upload your raw data to MyHeritage and gain access to all of the paid tools, completely free!  And MyHeritage will not revoke your access to those tools in the future.

Image by Bev from Pixabay


But you have act now!  The opportunity ends on December 18th, 2019.  For step-by-step instructions on how to download your raw data from AncestryDNA and then upload it to MyHeritage, click here.

10 thoughts on “Free Uploads to MyHeritage—This Week Only”

  1. Thanks for the heads up on this opportunity. I recently cancelled my subscription to MH because they ONLY accept a lump sum annual payment. However, my data is still stored there. Do you know if there is a way to take advantage of this offer without uploading my data again? Thanks!

  2. I have previously uploaded my DNA to myHeritage. How can I take advantage of this offer if I am already there? Can I click on a special link or do I need to remove all of it and start over?

      1. Delete your old raw data first, then you can upload it again. When I tried to upload it again without deleting the old raw data, it started the upload, but I got a message after it finished that my DNA was already there so it didn’t accept the new upload. Once I deleted the old raw data from MyHeritage, I was able to upload it without a problem.

        Go to Manage DNA kits and click on the the three dots on the right of the kit you want to delete.

        1. I have my DNA done by My Heritage but as stated they want a huge lump sum before they provide any information.
          ?If I delete it as suggested, how will I be able to get it back to upload?

    1. The test box should contain instructions for how to register the kit. Typically, you go to the company’s web page and follow the instructions. I recommend taking a picture of the barcode just in case you enter it wrong.

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