AncestryDNA’s Black Friday Sale!

AncestryDNA has just announced their Black Friday sale, which goes live 23 November at 9:00 pm PST and lasts until 27 November at 8:59 pm PST.

The discounts are amazing!

It’s their lowest price of the year on DNA tests: only $59!

Plus, 50% off all Subscriptions!

I keep an updated list of prices on DNA tests here.

(Note: I earn a small commission if you purchase through the links in this post. The cost is the same for you. Click here for more information.)

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7 thoughts on “AncestryDNA’s Black Friday Sale!”

  1. The World Explorer 6-mo Black Friday sale price is the same I’m already getting using an AARP discount. BTW, the initial 12 months (two six-month subscriptions) for AARP members costs even less, but the introductory price expires after the first year. I think there are other memberships that get you the same discount. So, $149/six months is not a particularly good deal.

    1. The sale prices are $94/12 year of US Discovery and $149/12 months of World Explorer for gift memberships. You can always “give” the membership to yourself.

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