A number of reputable companies offer DNA tests for genealogical purposes. As a service to the genetic genealogy community, I maintain a list of current prices and some comparative information about the companies here. (Note: I earn a small commission if you purchase through some of the links on this page. The cost is the same for you. Click here for more information.)

Current Pricing for Autosomal DNA Testing
(Companies are listed in order of database size.)

Company1,2 Price3 Database Size4 Processing Time5
AncestryDNA $79 (normally $99) > 5 million 21.5 days
23andMe $99/$199 (Ancestry only/Ancestry + Health) > 2 million 30.4 days
Family Tree DNA Family Finder $69 (normally $89) ≈ 500,000 22.3 days
MyHeritage $69 until 10 Oct (normally $99) ≈ 50,000 unknown
Living DNA $99 (normally $159) unknown 77 days

1For advice on where to test, click here. While written for adoptees, the advice in this post applies to most genealogy situations.
2Raw DNA data can often be transferred from one company to another for free. For more information, click here.
3Prices are for the U.S. market.
4Click here for additional information.
5Average time from mailing the test to the lab and receiving results; times based on a user survey. You can contribute your own processing times by clicking here and view all of the submissions here.

AncestryDNA, 23andMe, Family Tree DNA, and MyHeritage all offer both ethnicity estimates and a list of relatives who share DNA with you. Other labs, such as Living DNA, the National Geographic Genographic Project, and Genes for Good, do similar DNA tests but do not currently match you to relatives.

Family Tree DNA also offers Y-chromosome DNA (male line) and mitochondrial DNA (female line) testing.


Autosomal Testing Growth

Feel free to use the following graph in presentations to genealogy societies and DNA interest groups. It was last updated in August 2017.


DNA Test Processing Times

Below is summary of processing times for tests completed since July 1 2017.